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Therapeutic applications


Stem cells restore skin, bones, cartilage, muscles, nerves and other tissues which have become damaged through injury, disease or age.

Scientific and medical research advances in selection and use of adult stem cells, lead to therapeutic applications in  an immediate future like :

– vascular tissues regeneration

– muscular tissues regeneration

– neurodegenerative diseases treatment (Parkinson, Alzheimer)

– bone and cartilage regeneration and reconstruction

– metabolic diseases treatment (liver, pancreas)

– retina and cornea degenerative diseases treatment

– irradiated tissues regeneration after treatment by irradiation (salivary gland)

Treatment using blood stem cells are usually used and have shown their success. More than 5000 clinical trials of innovative treatment based on new stem cells models (including dental pulp stem cells) are actually in progress and new treatments will be soon available. For the moment, dental pulp stem cells are used in stage of clinical trials (maxillofacial bone reconstruction, dental surgery) and studies (in vitro and animal experimentation). These dental pulp stem cells provide a tremendous therapeutic potential thanks to their biologic capacity and their easycollect.

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