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Why preserve dental stem cells ?


In medicine, there is growing interest in stem cells due to their ability to develop into different types of cells and their increasing importance to treat serious illnesses. You may have heard about stem cells but what you may not know, is that they can be obtained from your teeth.  Uninvasive surgical procedures give advantage to obtain stem cells can be easily isolated, frozen and in vitro grown by cell culture. Stem cells from the dental pulp can be grown in large amounts before use. This cell culture process is called cell expansion and means just a single cell can be grown under carefully controlled conditions in the laboratory and used for multiple applications or multiple transplants. So a few dental stem cells can give rise to millions and grown in the numbers needed for treatment.

Advances in research confirm the tremendous potential use of stem cells in many therapeutic applications.  Patients may use their own stem cells to avoid looking for a compatible donor and thus reduce the risk of rejection.


Dental stem cells preservation is accessible to all and could be essential for future therapeutic use.

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