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Pluripotent adult dental stem cells


Adult stem cells

Adult stem cells are found in dental pulp, umbilical cord, bone marrow and fatty tissues. Except for umbilical cord blood and dental pulp, the collection of these cells involves invasive surgical procedures. Cord blood, bone marrow and fatty tissues stem cells are used in various therapies and clinical trials. Adult stem cells (bone marrow) are use in 90 % of the existing cell therapy treatment.

 Pluripotent adult dental stem cells

Adult dental stem cells are pluripotent which means they have already been assigned to a specific tissue cell type and can give cells to several cell types able to create bone, muscle, nerve or cornea. Advantage of dental pulp stem cells is their collection by non-invasive process (dental extraction). The teeth could be deciduous, wisdom or adult teeth, healthy, removed for orthodontic or other diagnostic reasons.  The dental pulp stem cell can be preserved by cooling to a low temperature (cryopreservation at -130°C) and stored for many years.

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