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Institut Clinident BioPharma Swiss offers a service of preparation and cryoconservation of dental pulp stem cells.

Teeth extraction must be carried on by dental specialist. More convenient teeth to be collected are wisdom and deciduous teeth, healthy, always extracted for medical reasons. After dental extraction, the tooth is placed in a special box which is a UN 3373 collection & transport kit provided by Institut Clinident BioPharma Swiss.

Institut Clinident BioPharma Swiss provides detailed information to individuals and professionals. During service proceed, Institut Clinident BioPharma Swiss ensures :

– clear and global information and operational support

– contract signature for teeth treatment and storage

– collection kit shipment

– monitored transport to the treatment laboratory

– sample treatment under regulated, validated and controlled conditions

– sample quality control

– cryopreservation for 20 years in Germany

– conformity certificate of the full process

After signing the contract, collection kit is shipped to the specialist’s office or the patient’s home. Inside, storage kit instructions before use are detailed. Its transport to preparation laboratory, once the teeth are removed, is organized by Institut Clinident BioPharma Swiss in the shortest possible time.

After collection, teeth are treated according to validated protocol and strict quality procedures to preserve the integrity of dental pulp and its stem cells. Storage tubes, identified by an unique barcode number, specific to owner’s sample, are decreased to a final temperature below -130°C (liquid nitrogen gas phase) to ensure storage and highest safety conditions for 20 years (and more if contract renewal).

Service price

Payment is made in two times : deposit payment at contract signature and balance payment at conservation certificate reception.


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