Why do we keep dental pulp ?

Get possibility to preserve its own stem cells before a disease emergence is a rare opportunity in life. Deciduous tooth or wisdom tooth pulp chamber of a young adult is rich in pluripotent stem cells. Tooth extraction for medical reason is common (more than 70 % among 15-25 year olds) and allows to consider dental pulp storage without further medical intervention.

When do we make sampling ?

Milk and wisdom teeth are extracted on advice of your dentist, orthodontist or oral surgeon. Except in accident or trauma cases, teeth are extracted to allow proper positioning of permanent teeth. All deciduous or wisdom teeth are rich in adult stem cells. After adolescence, quality and quantity of dental pulp stem cells decrease proportionally with the age (decreased blood supply, shrinking of pulp chamber size).

In case of necessary use for a given cell therapy, the sample will be available. Institut Clinident Biopharma Swiss isn’t responsible for the transport cost towards hospital or pharmaceutical company which use the sample.

Can I use several times stem cells collected from a tooth ?

Yes, stem cells can be grown in large numbers before use. This option is under technical responsibility of end user (hospital or pharmaceutical company).

What happens at the end of the contract ?

At the end of 20 years contract, the legitimate owner may extend storage time with a new agreement.

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