Dental professionals

What is the interest for my patient ?

- Take advantage of a tooth extraction in my office to conserve pluripotent stem cells.

- Mesenchymal stem cells are stored at the best time (age of the patient, quality of the cells) for a long period and for a future potential therapeutic use.

- Mesenchymal stem cells are ready to be used for a pharmaceutical production.

What is my interest as a professional ?

- Participation to a new area of a medical science.

- High tech position of my medicine practice.

- Better visibility of my clinic.

Why do not only collect the pulp in times of need ?

Because the quantity and quality of stem cell is decreasing after a certain age (about 40 years).

How can I use the stem cells in my practice ?

Direct use is possible via our Medical Device (bone regeneration support).

What is the dentist legal responsibility ?

Limited to the teeth extraction and procurement.

What pathologies can be cured ?

The stored cells could be used under Standardized Transplant or 2004/23 CE regulation in certain key pathology (neurons, cornea, bone surgery). This is a biological insurance to guaranty the source of future therapies.

How to be sure that the cells are stored in good condition ?

Storage in Swiss and in Germany under cGMP conditions (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Is it similar to cord blood storage?

The strategy is the same. However, cord blood stem cells are pluripotent adult stem cells don't target the same pathologies than pluripotent adult stem cells. Cord blood could be use for hematopoietic diseases at young age. Adult stem cells can be used to treat various and numerous diseases during all life.

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