Now you can preserve your stem cells

Stem Cell preservation biobanking is fundamental for personalized regenerative medicine.
There is a growing interest in stem cells due to their abilities to develop into different types of cells and their use to treat serious illnesses. You may have heard about stem cells but what you may not know, is that they can be obtained from your teeth.
Dental stem cells are pluripotent and easy to collect after any tooth extraction. Adult teeth particularly wisdom teeth, as well as milk teeth, contain a large number of pluripotent stem cells that can be used in potential future therapy. These cells are able to differentiate into many cell types and to multiply quickly.
Institut Clinident BioPharma Swiss GmbH offers you the potentially life changing opportunity to preserve for up to 20 years (renewable contract) your cells or your loved ones’ cells, in our Swiss biobank and European storage facility in Germany to provide you an opportunity for a future therapeutic use.

So, protect and preserve today to ensure tomorrow

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